Five Ways To Create Income with a WordPress Website in 2022

Five Ways To Create Income with a WordPress Website in 2022

In this article, I will introduce you to five ways you can potentially create income online using a WordPress website. Since the beginning of the internet, folks have always tried to see how to make income, in an easier and less time-consuming way. First came the early version of the internet: 1.0. Everything was new and fresh and the people who knew how to move around and learn about this new technology made the most money, then came the internet 2.0, or some would call it the social media era, this time most people browsing the internet had social media accounts and some became influencers.

Now we are in the information era where content is king, and folks are consuming more content more than ever. All of this background is good to know because it will be the basis of how you will build your brand and create income for yourself online with your WordPress website. Let’s jump right into it:  

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Blogging Ads

First and foremost, I would like to talk about how to make money by having g advertisements on your blog. You have seemed ads before and on people’s blogs before and probably even clicked on one to check out whatever the ad was about. The way website owners and bloggers make money from ads are when a visitor clicks or gets an impression from the ad on their website, the blogger or website owner gets a pay from the ad network that they have installed on their website or blog, and it’s super easy to get started. One of the most popular ad networks is google Adsense. People have been making money with Google for a while now and I believe that one of the ways Google makes most of their money is thru google ads.

To start I recommend setting up your website to be ad compliant and sign up for a free AdSense account and if you choose to. Also, there is a difference between Google ads and Google Adsense. Google ads are just paying Google to display your advertisement online while, with Google Adsense, Google pays you to display their ads on your websites or blogs. Make sure to check it out and think it thru to see if this is the rig fit, you can money with all these options as long as you stay consistent and have a plan.  

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful way to make money online still. You probably have stumbled upon people talking about affiliate marketing to make money by promoting other products online, and who have made a lot of money with it because I think it really works. Like I said it’s all about consistency and having a plan of action that will have you go from point A to point B in your business. The way affiliate marketing works is, you find a product that you believe in online, it could be something you are already using and think you would like to make money from promoting that said product.

For example, if you’re using something like a specific email marketing service like convert kit. So now that you have a product you want to promote, now check to see if that has an affiliate program. Not all companies run affiliate programs and not all affiliate programs are equal. Some will pay you more than others. Anyways when you find out that  converkit has an affiliate program, check the finer details and how you will get compensated. Some do a percentage of the earnings. At this point, you can decide to sign up for the program, set up everything, and if all goes well you can start promoting that said product.  

Paid Membership 

Paid memberships in 2021 are going to be one if not the best way to make money online in my opinion. I’m saying that from experience because even people like my clients come to me and say, hey Daryl I need a membership website because I have a following that I would like to monetize. Now for you having a paid membership website can be super simple. You can have a membership website where you can launch a video course. You can have a membership website where you can you know basically offer anything for a fee monthly, that can give you reoccuring income.

Every month. So paid memberships have. It seems have been blowing up this year. It’s a very lucrative business model and I believe it’s going to keep growing as more people hop on the internet. Also, it looks to me like there are many different ways you can start a membership website with WordPress. One of them being you can have an offering. A sortof Onlyfans type of offering further more you can do Live streams that are only available for paid members. Or have certain perks for members only sort of like patreon. Now obviously to have a membership website, you’re going to need content for the members to want to join to receive. So, for example, you can have anything that I’ve mentioned already or any type of offering that they will be receiving in the future. So Those are a few of the ideas I can offer you in terms of starting a membership website.

Private Newsletter 

So for private newsletters, just like the paid memberships, it can fall on the same bucket. With paid newsletters, it sort of just niches down from a paid membership site. An if you trying to start a private newsletter on WordPress, there are many ways you can start doing that and I can recommendConvertKit to have all your emails. It is a very easy and cheap way to get started with launching your private newsletter. You’r obviously going to need content, and you’re going to also need a sort of value proposition that will keep your followers coming back for more. And this could just be with an ongoing offer, that  you offer where they can.

You know, sort of. Come back and learn more about your experience or just to see how you know you’re growing as a person and how you’re giving them more value along the way. Now that is one way to do a private newsletter. It’s super simple, and is just a newsletter that is private and that you can purchase to join every month. You can also make it be paid every month, or yearly or however you choose to do it. ConvertKit also has a WordPress plugins so make sure to check that out. 

Digital Products 

Lastly, for launching your digital products. You can use WordPress to create a store where you can sell your digital products. Now with WordPress there is a plugin that you will soon hopefully learn if you go this route called Woo Commerce. Now Woo commerce. It’s a super simple interface that you can add your product’s too. They have a payment gateway where you can add payments for your products. They do visa and all the major credit cards and basically you go in and you add your digital products. You pick your prices, you then do all the preparations and the apply the system settings for your business on top of the WordPress website. After that is set and done, you able to launch a business store and do all those sort of things with your WordPress website. Now, as you know, WordPress isn’t the only way you can launch a digital product?

You can launch any kind of digital products on Shopify which is another option in terms of having all-in-one. business solution for your digital products. I hear recommend commerce by from WordPress because it’s easy to set up you already if you already know WordPress then you can just put it onto it and then just get it going now. You can launch almost any type of digital products with WooCommerce on WordPress and get it set up almost like Shopify. They’re both basically the same kind of deal form my point of view, but I recommend WooCommerce because it’s a simpler process to get started and it’s free. 

Closing Remarks

To finish. I wanted to say that. These are just the five top ways that I’ve noticed in 2021 that Enterpreneurs and new business owners are creating their businesses on an income online, and it’s also, one of the easiest ways to get started by offering information or your products or even you know using other services like Google ads to make income. Now if you need help.

With any of these services or business models with your WordPress website. Feel free To reach out to Get more help with setting up your business website online so you can start receiving income with your product or your newsletter or even your blogs. Thank you for reading my top 5 ways to make money with a WordPress website and I will catch you in the next article.