7 Ways WordPress Helps Any Small Businesses Grow Online

7 Ways WordPress Helps Any Small Businesses Grow Online

In this article, I want to bring up five ways that having a WordPress website, can help any new entrepreneur grow their small business online. Most websites you visit these days, if you were aware yet, are created with the free, open-source WordPress CMS, the content managing system. There are two WordPress services to keep in mind, wordpress.com and wordpress.org, wordpress.org is the free platform and is what we will be talking about here. The platform is built in a way to organize all the content on your site, and have them all in one place, it organizes all your blog content, to even your media files like videos and images, and even helps with setting up your web page menus and much, much more…Let’s get to it.  

Search engines promote WordPress 

For search engines like google, to go out on the internet and search for and find new websites really like to find and rank WordPress websites on their search results really fast, and that is due to several reasons. As a new entrepreneur and business owner, what you need to keep in mind is how fast can your customers and new clients reach out, and find your website before others on the market and how do I stay at the top of the rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines.  

All in all, as soon as your WordPress website is launched, it usually will be picked up faster than other platforms like Squarespace and Wix, and your website will begin to become more visible in search results rankings. At the end of the day the faster your new website is up and online, and starts to rank in search results then the faster you will reach your business goals.  

Easy to set up and get started 

WordPress is very easy to set up, on their site they even have a 5-minute setup process that gets your website up and running quickly. When we compare WordPress vs other management systems, as we have learned, it’s the most popular way websites are built right now, in the world. Part of that is due to how easy it is to launch a new website in WordPress.  

I wish I could say more about it, and I’ll probably create a tutorial on it, but WordPress is so easy to install that other hosting companies offer 1 one click install in some instances, they do it all for you, and all you do after that, is log into the WordPress dashboard, and start customizing your new website. Now, why is this important for your business, well it’s important because getting your ideas out right away, after you know it can work will help put you in a first movers’ position after you’ve launched your products. Usually, if your positioning is great, then you can create a niche for yourself in an existing market.   

Low maintenance compared to hand coding  

Another way a WordPress website will be good for business, is that WordPress is low maintenance. Compared to hiring a programmer to work on building your website from scratch and cost you thousands of dollars to launch a product and waste your valuable time. Instead, why not spin up a WordPress website in 5 minutes, have the full site ready for launch within hours if not a few days and still grow to the point where you still won’t need a programmer or developer to early down the line, if at all.  

The thing about hiring a programmer now in the low-code/no-code movement when anyone can create a mobile application or website with ease, is that programmers have been put in a place where they are needed to build very custom algorithms and systems, not simple websites. And programmers themselves have build the systems to make it easy for non-programmers to jump in and create and build cool products and services, to help solve todays problems. All I’m trying to say is that WordPress is so easy you don’t really need a computer programmer to maintain your website unless, it’s very custom branded to your needs. Other than that, even a blind person can maintain a WordPress website.  

It’s a versatile system that fits any business structure changes 

WordPress as a platform is awesome and is so versatile that it will fit any business. From a small pizza shop to a big roofing and fencing company WordPress is perfect for all. For example, you start out with a 5-page website, super simple. But now you want to include a shop. Well you can do that with WordPress as the management system behind that.  

As you can see an entrepreneur can change course on a tech stack in the business structure, but most likely the new service will still be compatible with their WordPress website. The other thing I wanted to bring up is  WordPress plug-ins, they basicly change your website and add new functionalities to it. For example, if you would like to turn your website into an online store then you could install woo-commerce, if you want to have a learning platform you could install an LMS plugin that turns your site into an online school, also if you want a membership site there are multiple plug ins that can make some sections of your WordPress site visible to some members.  

As you can see, WordPress is super versatile and there’s a plug-in for any idea or functionality you want to add, even if you have a web developer or a programmer working on your site, they can even create custom plugins specifically for you. Isn’t that useful? I think so. 

It’s long term website Security features  

As you know WordPress is a great platform to get started on, and for a lot of great reasons, the next reason I want to bring up now is security. Any website on the internet is hackable, yes, even Facebook, the only difference between Facebook and your small WordPress shop is that Facebook has thousands of engineers working on the site.  

So how secure is WordPress? you probably heard of a WordPress website getting hacked before but it could have been due to different mistakes, from the people not knowing how to fully set up their WordPress site, but I’m here to tell you WordPress releases updates all the time and has gotten more and more secure over the years. WordPress is only getting better and better; I can tell you that right now.  

It’s a very popular platform 

WordPress really is popular, in fact, most of the websites on the internet are built using WordPress. since its release back in the 2000’s it has grown to be a game and it’s still upgrading and adding new features to its core offering every year.  

When people come to me and are curious about WordPress there is a lot of misconception that WordPress is old technology but little do, they know, WordPress powers around 40% of the internet, and that’s amazing. For a business owner when you want to grow your website and bring in a developer, they will be able to jump right in because of how developer-friendly and popular this particular content management system is.  

It’s the best platform for blogging 

As you may have already guessed, yes, WordPress is great for any type of blogger. The platform makes it super easy to understand, even after the very first time you log in. You can learn WordPress in just a few hours and get to blogging right then and there. Blogging can definitely help boost your small business because while it’s a great way to push your content, it also helps build credibility among your audience and subscribers. Another thing is that blogging helps build SEO (search engine optimization) and helps rank you higher on search engines. So, if you are hooked and want to get started, make sure to also have a content calendar to help you stay organized while you release your new blog content.  

Closing Remarks 

To conclude, I am a big proponent of WordPress because it works. It’s always worked, for small businesses to large corporations and it won’t just stop working tomorrow. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to get your head around WordPress and why you need to jump in. At the end of the day make sure to always do your research to make sure a WordPress website is right for you, because maybe hand coding is the way to go for your company and you have a new solution to a problem that has never been solved before.  

But at the end of the day, you will not go wrong with the WordPress CMS platform, because it’s easily ranked on google and searchable,  also it’s easy to set up, it’s super low maintenance, and it’s very versatile and secure. If while you’re looking at getting and setting up WordPress as your platform and run into issues, feel free to contact us for help.  

 Happy wordpressing!