How Do I Optimize Any WordPress Website With WP Rocket

How Do I Optimize Any WordPress Website With WP Rocket

In this article, I will give you tips and tricks on how to optimize a WordPress website to 100% page performance scores. During my time building WordPress websites, the most exciting times after launching the client’s website is the growth that happens after, partly because of the amount of optimization the website has gone thru. Most recently google, released their new algorithm change in the wild, which now focuses on page speed and the initial experience and recurring visits of the website visitor.

Now web designers and developers even SEO specialists everywhere are gathering new data on how to best go about this new update and how to best react to this. Nobody really knows how the google search result algorithm works, but I have already passed the 100% page experience test and will show you how to do it here for your WordPress website.  

What is google page insights? 

In this article our primary focus will be on how to reach 100% on google page speed insight tests and start getting your website ranking higher on googles search results. You might be wondering, Daryl, what is google page insigths? Heres the answer: its googles way of testing all aspects of your website from the front end to the server level to see how everything is running, not a stress test, but more as a test against its standardized goals the site has to reach to pass the test, or to be in the green. Essentially, google uses four different categories to score your site in 3 colors. Red, which is a low score and needs improvement. Yellow witch is better but is not quite there yet. Green witch is the best score google provides to indicate your website passes its web standards.  

Benefits of optimized website? 

Well as you already might know, the more optimized your website is the faster and higher your website will rank on Google and other search results. Now being in the green for the desktop and mobile layout of a website is a great challenge and one that can be done. And if done correctly will help your site reach even 100% on googles optimization test. Other benefits and side effects include a faster website, a more enjoyable experience for visitors, and hopefully more inquiries from customers and clients resulting in more revenue for your business.  

Different ways to test websites. (Lighthouse, GMetrix) 

So now how do I test my website, here I will show you 2 quick ways to test your site and they all test the site against the same categories so the results will reflect around the same for all 3 services. 

 First you can use the google lighthouse website and google chrome feature, this is by google and it provides some options to test your site for desktop and mobile in 4 categories, I’ll take about three categories in a bit. First to use it to test your website just enter your websites address, after your website is submitted you are presented with your results and with those results, we will begin optimizing your WordPress website.  

Then there’s GTMetrix, another free testing service that helps with scoring your site for optimization, it’s another great tool that basically gives similar results as Google’s lighthouse results and works the same, just enter your website address and it gives you the results and insights on how you will start optimizing your website.  

In the next section, I will more so guide you along with details of how to optimize a WordPress website by going ahead and going it on your own. I broke it down into the main categories which will be performance, best practices, accessibility, and SEO. Let’s first jump into performance. 


For your websites performance scores to hit 100%, you’ll first need a fast server that can distribute your site around the world as fast as possible, and after you’ve chosen a good server provider, I suggest not going with supper cheap ones and investing in your success each out about our wordpress hosting platform. After that make sure your server configurations is all set and also I recommend checking to see if your server has gzip because when you install the WPRocket performance and caching WordPress plugin, it will help to have your server configured done already.  

Now that I mentioned wp rocket, let’s talk about it and how it will unlock your websites speed potential.  

WP Rocket is one of the best ways to improve your website speed performance on WordPress. It uses a mixture of technologies including caching and preloading options to enhance site performance. Most of the bad wordpress performance results can be fixed with wp rocket installed and PROPERLY configured on your website, if  its not properly configured it will break your site immediately or eventually so I do recommend reaching out if you have no idea how to use wp rocket.  

Among other things I want to touch base on with the performance, there is image optimization and font optimization. Both of those are major roadblocks to getting to 100% because as you will see in your results, they carry the most weight on your front page and entire site, so make sur to optimize those as your testing and optimizing everything.  

Best practices 

The next one we need to get in the green is everything in the best practices section of your results. This section is quite simple to understand and I believe you will get thru this one quickly so I won’t spend too much time here. All you will have to understand here is, how the website is connected with the web, are all images formatted correctly? is the website using any SSL security features? are there any major errors in the browser console? Those are some major marks among some of the ones I’ve seen, while optimizing websites.  


Web Accessibility is a big deal now a days because more folks are on the internet now than ever before and its becoming super important that visitors with any disabilities can access the web and google focuses on that here in this category. To get right into it, first, you have to make sure the site links are correct that there no broken links, and the over all HTML structure is well formatted, next make sure any text is readable on the page, and that it’s not contrasted too much also make sure the images have alt text included with them.  

As you have probably realized, this is a lot of work, yes, but it will pay off later with google rewarding your website with a higher ranking on the internet.  

By the way if you need help with any of this stuff, here at This Day Design we help deliver optimized websites for small businesses who are committed to getting more visible online. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on how we can better help you unlock your small business potential.  


Search engine optimization has always been a big deal, and here we’ll go into how to optimize your page to start getting ranked by google and other search engines. First things first when the SEO test result category start by making sure again that your HTML is well formatted and ready to be crawled and found by search engines, in WordPress don’t forget to turn off the visible in search result options inside wordpress’s settings tab. Also, the other easy stuff like, making sure your document has a title and images have alt tags like I mentioned before. As you can see this is a big of technicalities that can help in terms of on page and off page SEO and help your website overall in the long run, as usually SEO is a long-term plan, not short term.  

Closing Remarks on WP rocket 

And that’s it, as you can see, I’ve covered the four main categories you’ll need to watch out for and handle, while optimizing your WordPress website, to have an even more successful launch, also I made sure to double down on WP rocket because it will be a great way to optimize any of your WordPress websites moving forward. Also, I really wanted to make sure you understand the power of wp rocket, in my time in the field it’s gotten my websites straight out of the red zone and into the green and upper 90’s on google page performance tests.  

I personally use it on all my website builds and will continue recommending it to all my peers and folks who are interested and seriously want to boost the website page scores on google search results. And like I said if you need help with any of this, reach out and see how I can help you reach your optimization goals. At a later date I am considering writing another more in-depth article about each category or this speed test and how it will help you rank higher on google so watch out for that coming soon.